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Youth Sailing


After School Club:

Once a child has completed a beginner or intermediate camp, and has mastered a basic set of skill defined by US Sailing, they are eligible to participate in the after school sailing club. Kids participating regularly in after school club have the option of attending inter-island Regattas.

Sunday Club:

Sunday Club is comprised of youth who have shown extreme dedication and passion towards KSA and the sport of sailing. Sunday Club is a reward for community volunteering efforts, assistant coaching and dedication to the art of sailing.

Jr. Leadership Program:

KSA, in conjunction with Leadership Kauai, is proud to offer a leadership program. Program path:

Sailor Ages 7-16 may enroll in a sailing camp (held throughout the year). During the camp Sailors learn how to sail through practical and theoretical instruction. To proceed to Helper the following skills must be mastered: tacking, jibing, docking, irons, safety, bowline, figure 8, square knot, huli and right, boat set up and take down, and KSA rules. In addition students must exemplify: Teamwork, desire to teach, passions for the sport.

Helper Ages 12-16 may be asked to be a helper during a camp. Helpers are awarded a scholarship towards camp tuition. Helpers are expected to: Ask leading questions, encouraging students to find a solution, rather than be told the answer. Helpers assist, and motivate, during set up and take down of boats, assist with teaching of knot trying, assist in chalk talks and daily camp tasks. To proceed to Jr.Coach the above skills must be performed with enthuse and self-guidance.

Jr. Coach Ages 14+ may be asked to become a Jr. Coach. Jr. Coach is a paid position. Jr. Coaches set up, run class, and clean up afterwards. In addition they drive the coach boat and assist will all aspects of camps, including planning.

Coach Ages 16+ may be asked to take the US Sailing Level 1 Instructors Course on Oahu. Consideration will be based upon quality and dedication of the student in the Jr. Coach role. This multi day course will certify students to legally run classes. It is expected that upon completion students will run coach for KSA.

Keiki Sailing Camps!

Sailing camps are held over every D.O.E break. Camps run Monday-Friday 10am-4pm. Cost is $200

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